When the VET and DHL partnership was posted here, a lot of people commented about why the f*ck would DHL release an NFT if it's not in their line of business. Why does a logistics company like DHL even have NFTs?

In this video, you can see that using Vechain's app called Vechain Pro, one can scan its product to prove its authenticity and see other details about it, including its tracking history.

Yes, you can argue that we can already track our packages at this point anytime we want via their websites, but it's nice to see that an internationally known shipping company is dipping their toes in the blockchain. I'm talking about the NFTs in general, because many people see it only as digital art.

Imagine being a collector of something physical – sneakers, luxury bags, watches, etc – and you want to buy something that isn't brand new to add to your collection. With the help of the blockchain, you can verify its authenticity, and not only that, you will also be able to see how many had been the past owners of the item before you. This can help you at least have an estimate about the quality and usage of the item you want to buy. Of course, it's just one scenario I can think of, but there's a lot more. As many people suggest, NFTs can also make way for tickets in events.

Here is a list of VeChain's partnerships, but I think it hasn't been updated because DHL cannot be seen as of this moment. Partners include big names such as BMW Group, Louis Vuitton, H&M, Wallmart China, and many more.

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