I have a background in software development and some of my colleagues asking me to create our own coin.

I know crypto and blockchain, but never extensively research it before. After some digging, I am mind blowing. I feel like most coins/defi projects..etc.. are kinda worthless/hype bubble, but can raise hundred of thousands, even millions dollars.

I feel like I can just spend few weeks to train solidity, smart contract, create a coin, attach it to our business which already have few thousand active users for some random use case ( award good user with X coins or smt), create some hype and raise money. Am I thinking too simple? What am I missing here?

A lot of very interesting answer haha.
Joking aside, there is one point I would like to add
– Moral: yes, I initially thought about this too. But then, I see a lot of coins, who even their white paper looks like taking 30 minutes to create and still raise money. There is no way people dont know that a shitty project, but they still put money in. This is baffling to me at first, and then I realize people don't give a shit if it's a shit coin. Almost everybody FOMO in this market. So creating a shit coin is not actually immoral, right?

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