I've been looking at many different options including abracadabra.money, alchemix, aave, compound, syrup pool, popsicle finance, beefy finance, the list goes on and on. It's a lot of information to take in while also gauging a projects safety at the same time. Obviously diversification is important in order to not have all your eggs in one basket.

A lot of us are looking to cash out to stablecoin in the coming months and earn the highest yields possible without incurring too much risk. Many of us would also like to borrow against our crypto assets both stablecoin and Alts as well.

What projects are the best to accomplish these things? For example you could do both on nexo but obviously there are better options for both, especially if you are an American and can't use the nexo token for higher yeilds etc. Getting charged 12.99% I believe to borrow against your assets isn't great. What are better alternatives? Earning 6%ish on your stablecoins in better than fiat in banks but there are higher returns by a mile.

In your opinion if you wanted to cash out after a bull rally in a few months where would you cash out to in stablecoin & earn high yeild with low risk while also spreading out that risk?

I'm thinking deposit into abracadabra.money pull out 90% in stablecoin then deposit that into various projects to spread it around. If this sounds good then what assets would you use on which protocol? I also think it's best to avoid any strategies that include the use of tether.

How you you all intend on playing these strategies? Please share your gameplan and why you think it's best.

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