ELON MUSK tweeted it, Vikings Inu on the MOON ! 🌚 Elon's tweet about us

Current HOLDERS : 69.800 ! 💹 Current MarketCap : 2.2m 💹

Vikings Inu is fully decentralized and on a mission to bring popular cryptocurrency concepts to the mainstream in one, easy to understand project. Vikings Inu is in it for the long haul. The decentralized community is fostering long-term development of the ecosystem which will result in real use cases, greater rewards and a popularity beyond any temporary trends.

⚡VIKINGS Tokenomics⚡

VIKINGS is made with 100 Trillions total tokens, all of which will be available at launch.

🍀4% Distribution All holders big and small will gain from four percent redistribution tax per transaction.

🍀2.2% Burn Yet another incentives to buy and hold, one percent will continue to be burned per transaction forever. VIKINGS is a first-of-it’s-class, deflationary, utility coin.

🍀 100 Trillions Initial Supply 🍀 56% Burn 🍀 4% Redistribution 🍀 Liquidity Locked 🍀 Bot Protection – Lock 20 seconds

VIKING Treasure Hunt Game💰 Play To Earn📲

VIKINGS Treasure Hunt Game is a fully block chain game that’s allows players to participate as long they hold a minimal of 10,000,0000 (10 millions) VIKINGS Token.

🔜 What’s Next 🔜 :

➡️A lot of exchanges ➡️P2E Game ➡️Syrup Pool – Stake Vikings ➡️Earn Shiba,Doge,Floki ➡️Collaboration with marketing agency ➡️Ambassador and roadshow planning

🌍 Website



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