Banano is basically a meme clone of Nano. After seeing Shib take off, it makes me think banano could be a solid Meme coin.

Strong community: The r/banano subreddit has over 30,000 users. Similar to Nano’s system, banano has no transaction fees. As such, community members in the subreddit tip each other constantly. It seems like a great way to attract new community members and drive hype.

Reddit’s adoption of crypto: As Reddit looks to expand its presence in crypto, I think there is big potential in small Reddit crypto communities like banano. Although the tipping system is currently based on a crappy bot, easier integration through Reddit could lead to more adoption. From what I can tell, banano seems to have an active user base and the coin is very recognizable.

Not saying that banano is necessarily the next Shib coin, but I am curious to see what this community likes/dislikes about banano.

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