Long have I wondered about why the SEC never investigated the celebrities who rob their fans in broad daylight.

While the celebs barely even try to hide their scams, the SEC is too busy trying to figure out which coins we should or shouldn't buy.

It's not just the "influencers" who can get admittedly get lost in the masses, but very well-known rappers and celebrities like SnoopDogg pushing obvious scams to their fans.

You might think what's wrong with it, and here comes the issue; they never mark those "shills" as ads. Anyone who gets paid to talk about something, even a cryptocurrency is obligated to mark their post as an advert or admit they're getting paid to shill it.

SnoopDogg, Lil Uzi, and many others never did that in their Instagram/Twitter ads, they even go as far as deleting the posts after the scam/rug pull has taken place.

News Publications like CNBC, Nytimes, Forbes, push meme cryptocurrencies like Squid Game to the people advertising it, without a fraction of research.

They want the click-bait headlines so they get website traffic, we're no longer in the 2015 era of crypto, this is serious stuff and people are being misguided by the rich.

All of this could be avoided if the SEC actually did their job and fined somebody to make others stop, they have the jurisdiction to do so.

Thus one is left to wonder why they're leaving it be, and sometimes the answers are right there in our face that we can't see it.

SEC wants you to lose your money so they can push to regulate cryptocurrencies.

They don't go after these celebs as they need them to use it as an "I told you so'" card, they don't do their job as a regulatory authority to protect the citizens' interest because they want you to stop investing in crypto or at least make it hard to do so.

After the SEC regulates the crypto world, the celebs don't give two shits about it anymore, since they made more money out of it than in their lifetime.

The rich remain rich bending the rules to their will while the poor are left to eat the dust, that's how the world works.

I'm all in for regulations especially when it stops people from investing in scam tokens, but the S.E.C has the gun pointed at the wrong target, us.

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