Mmm… Fresh

You want a meme coin.

But you want a memecoin that will skyrocket and not leave anyone behind; a hedge made of garlic.

But you want a memecoin not in the trillions, so someone isn't holding the bags of the pump and dumpers. Unless they're bags full of garlic. [Mined Coins Capped @ 69mil]

But you also want a coin that can still be mined by the average Josephine and ASIC-resistant to the massive mining farms out there. Organic and GMO garlic.

Something that is secure with growth potential, amazing recipes, active development, plenty of memes, and wholesome fun.

Something with a community!

So join our Discord for incoming Airdrops for FREE GRLC! Dates for Airdrops are every Friday (started November 12th, 2021)! 9k total GRLC to be given away over the next nine Fridays (regardless of increase in value)! Send GRLC to your discord wallet and play blackjack, benefit from daily soaks, and access the several faucets from the main website!

We have a good time and we encourage community involvement and tasty memes. The butterier, the better.

From the main website's page:

"Garlicoin formed on a few simple fundamentals – cheap and fast transactions, low barrier to entry and total focus on the community. These fundamentals have been put into practice, resulting in Garlicoin being a triumphant success: 40 second block times allow for blazingly fast confirmations, our ASIC resistant proof-of-work algorithm means anyone with a GPU can contribute to mining, and many important decisions have been made by the rapidly growing Garlicoin community."

Check it out in CoinMarketCap:

Can be traded on:
There are a few others, but these are the easiest. Non-KYC makes for fast, easy trades!

And if ERC-20 is more your speed, try the freshly created Wrapped Garlicoin:
WGRLC/WBNB @ PancakeSwap

Plenty of garlic is stuffed in the books, so be kind and be sure to share!

Also, use the mobile wallet app for android (iOs coming soon) to keep your pocket warm and aromatic full of fresh garlic.

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