There are so many "pay-to-earn" games now that its starting to get a little silly looking at the scene. There are far too many "games" which are just DeFi suites that are covered with "gamification" (wtf is gamification? smh)

Lets face it, the current Blockchain scene is without a doubt a predatory method to bring in short term profits for very little effort. Lots of these projects wouldn't survive a day on steam before being called out as a legitimate scam. Imagine paying $500+ just to get access to Amazon's New World MMO, pfffft!

Most of the projects are not focusing on making a game, they are making a cryptocurrency with a loose definition of what constitutes a game as a side effect of making the crypto.

I'd say any company that is concentrating on the money aspect and not the game aspect are ruining the legitimacy of a long term effort in this scene. We won't get a top class NFT powered MMO, because in their metric people want bullshit DeFi menus to ape into. They are after investment, not people looking for 1 hour of fun a day. (which is their loss long term)

We have seen this kind of market raise its head before when the wallet is tied to a device or service very close to the games development OS, namely in Android and IoS.

Now just look at the mobile scene, there is not a single proper AAA title on a mobile device as the market was saturated with low effort cash grabs to the point that any respecting dev firm would just shovel out a similar product and move on (just look at the likes of Command and conquer et al, when the devices are FAR more powerful than what we played red alert on so that is no excuse)

Mobile Games are designed to be short time fillers, never ones that you would sit and have a session for a couple of hours with mates. We see the same sort of models in crypto and its sorta depressing on the whole future perspective of it for me.

TLDR; The current scene is bum, its legit a cashgrab microtransaction fest worse than EA could possibly pull off, I won't deny you will make money from it, but you wont make decent games. No decent game = No decent player base = No decent long term survival

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