– Between 2012 and November 2021, Bitcoin has gained 311,914%

– The total cryptocurrency market cap is over $3 trillion, or equivalent to the 8th largest economy globally

– The average daily cryptocurrency trade volume has risen dramatically to $ 130 billion per day

– As of February 2021, there were nearly 15,000 Bitcoin ATMs globally

– Bitcoin remains the most popular cryptocurrency, with dominance hitting almost 43%

– There are 430 global cryptocurrency spot exchanges globally

– Global stablecoin volume per 24 hours is $ 77.86 billion

– Global mining income is $ 20,180,061,869 per year

– Global market size of digital payments surpassed 700 billion transactions

– The average number of digital payments amount to almost 100 digital transactions per year per person

– $ 281m of crypto was stolen in 2020, but ~ 80% has since been claimed and recovered

– Almost 70 million people use Blockchain Wallets worldwide

– A social media post about crypto appears every 2 seconds

– Nigerians report the most common ownership and use of virtual currencies (32%), with U.S. coming in 9th at 6%

– 67% of Millennials Look to Bitcoin as a Safe Haven Asset as Compared to Gold

– The IRS thinks a massive amount of underreporting exists for bitcoin gains

– Despite cryptocurrency’s susceptibility to be used for money laundering, only 1.1% of all transactions are illegal. (Source: CoinTelegraph)21

– By that volume, less than 0.5% of Bitcoin’s yearly transactions boil down to illicit activity. (Source: CipherTrace)21

– Furthermore, crime involving cryptocurrencies dropped from $4.5 billion in 2019 to just $1.9 billion in 2020. This is attributed to the fact that more and more legitimate cryptocurrencies are emerging. (Source: CipherTrace)21

– The average value acquired by crypto criminals in 2020 was 58% lower than in 2019. (Source: CipherTrace)21

– One positive outcome from a hack is that the cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin was able to recover more than 80% of stolen funds from a $281-million-hack in 2020

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