So, naturally, when the time comes to go outside, I encounter a great many crypto sceptics.

Most of the people I know aren't really into crypto (or they're just keeping it to themselves: not a bad decision), and so most of the time when the topic comes up I'm the educator in that conversation.

I'm not an expert and probably never will be, but the gulf between my knowledge of the subject is massive when compared to the uninitiated. You can't really remain ignorant for long if you're investing a decent % of your net worth – you're likely to get burnt.

So many times when the conversation turns to BTC, people say the reason they're not investing is because the price is so high (they don't have tens of thousands lying around to invest); and when I suggest buying a fraction, usually they're surprised because they never considered just how small of a fraction of a coin you can own (1 Satoshi is 100 millionth of a Bitcoin). Much of the time this prompts them to ask how to begin investing (many never follow through, but some do).

Just wondering what your experiences have been when it comes to the average person's knowledge of this. If you do find yourself in a conversation with a sceptic, it might be worth explaining that it doesn't take thousands to break into BTC investment.

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