SharkStake was born from the idea of being a secure and decentralized stake, trading and launch

platform based on the idea of being a balanced system and having minimun fees.

The platform has 3 use cases:

Staking platform

Launchpad platform & Nfts marketplace


Sharkstake will have a very interesting APY (up to 480%) the NFT launchpad and marketplace and also their own swap will be available soon (Q1 and Q2 2022)

The token fees are really low, just 5% of which 3% goes to BUSD rewards. A token with so few fees is hard to find lately.

How secure is the project? The team is doxxed and the contract is being audited by Tech Audit.

Is the liquidity locked? The liquidity is locked by PinkSale.

PinkSale launcpad:

Don't miss the opportunity, the presale will be public for everyone on November 17th at 18:30 Utc on the PinkSale platform.

A+ influencers involved, the first Jay Alvarrez with 6.8M followers!

Burning program detailed in the whitepaper to make the value increase every week



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