Salary is a project that was build to achieve everyone’s dreams by reaching Financial Freedom and get Passive income for the rest of your life.

Project to be the bridge between the real world and the crypto world.

A 1M total supply only means this is a true moonshot gem, with the potential to hit some big numbers very early on.

1 BNB = 1000 SLR

The token rewards holders with 7% BNB rewards,

7% USDT rewards and 7% ETH rewards.

Which makes total of 21% rewards to holders on every transaction.

which are automatically distributed to holders – no need for any interaction.

Be sure to join their Telegram to find out more about the project and prepare for the Project launch, it's going to be one you DON'T want to miss!

Their website is [ ]

The contract is fully audited by

The team is running Marketing campaigns everywhere and SALARY is trending everywhere

The Presale is expected to be filled in less than 30 minutes

Presale link :

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