You will see many coins here and I used to do the same, searching all the time.
But trust me when I say this, I think I have found a hidden gem.

It's Pomeranian (POM) coin with a very interesting theme to it which proposes the strongest utility of all dog-inspired coins. Best low-supply community powered deflationary coin that aims to be the first token tradeable on all 4 major networks: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche and Solana. Every transaction, 5% is added to liquidity pool and 2% is redistributed.
I'm pretty sure with the right time in the market, this will explode beyond $1B market cap. Now the question is are you willing to be an early investor? Fill your bag now.

Total supply: 100T
Contract address: 0x6e9ae658254c4bc8afc8fae38203dfab8917c933
Buy now:

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