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Crypto Polygon Online PVE Sneak Peek!

Are you ready to hunt?

Come and take a closer look at this #PVE gameplay development right now and see the thrill yourself!

🌐Big Open World!

🚀Huge opportunities!

💸Hunt for rewards!

Token distribution

● Community public sale – 88,5%

● Private sale – 1,5%

● Team – 1,5%

● Advisors – 0,5%

● Game farming/mining – 3%

● Marketing – 5%

● Treasure – 0,5%

● Seed SHO – 0,5%


No Tax fee – set slippage 1-2%

Contract: 0x9b9b7f07b6130c0d8e4defff9386a57744560d7b

BSC: https://bscscan.com/address/0x9b9b7f07b6130c0d8e4defff9386a57744560d7b#code

Crypto Polygon Online – free-to-play, cross-platform multiplayer game with NFT Marketplace and OpenWorld. Key feature is NFT Marketplace with live demand and supply from players. Open World is divided into three zones (FARM, PVP, PVE), where everyone will find something to do.

The POG token will have a wide range of uses within the game. The main focus is to make the player's life easier and more varied without becoming a mandatory attribute of the game.

No one likes Pay-To-Win systems, and we are trying to avoid becoming one of those games.

In addition to in-game use, token holders will have the opportunity to participate in steaking, which will earn them in-game NFTs that can be sold on the marketplace.

We consider it a huge plus that the NFTs that players get for staking can be directly used in the game

Our team every time is very happy to see the interest of people in the game, for us it means we are doing everything right!

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