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Hello Guy and the team behind u/GuyCoinBureau!

In your recent video about Crypto events & Conferences 2022 you mentioned that you are planning to organize your own crypto event in London next year. This is really great idea and I hope that it will work out the way you guys plan it.

Have you ever considered issuing tickets for that event on blockchain? And to have all the issued tickets as NFTs?

You are probably not aware of that, but there is a battle tested protocol that is designed especially for those purposes. GET Protocol issued more then 1.153.361 blockchain powered tickets for various real world events and every issued ticket is NFT by default.

Short summary

GET Protocol (GET) uses blockchain to create a fully transparent ticketing market, making secondary market trade fair and ticket fraud non-existent. GET is an ERC-20 token and tickets are issued on MATIC. Coinmarketcap –

All tickets that are processed through GET Protocol are registered on-chain and viewable in real-time through

What are the benefits of GET Protocol for artists and event organisers?

  1. A fully digital ticketing approach ensures the strongest connection between event organisers, artists and their fans from ticket sale to post event.

  2. Event organisers get a deeper insight into who owns tickets for an event at every point in the event life cycle whilst being able to keep track of how many tickets have been sold, re-sold and checked in.

  3. Artists can directly communicate with fans through SMS whilst having peace of mind that every fan is able to acquire a ticket at a fair price both on the primary and secondary ticket markets.

  4. Selling tickets to an event using the GET Protocol white-label ensures a scalp free ticketing process.


Some great articles

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I think that it will be cool to see you guys using truly digital approach to issue blockchain powered NFT tickets for your event. I really hope that you will find my post informative and I hope that you will see all the benefits of using GET Protocol.

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