Exactly one year and one day ago today, I bought my first crypto. Of course I had heard about Bitcoin and some other crypto currencies years before that, but I didn't really have that much money I could afford to lose until like one and a half years ago; and I was only finally convinced to invest myself after BTC did its first crazy rally this bull run late last year.

The first coin I bought was ADA, a small-ish bag of it for slightly above $0.1 per coin. I live in Germany, and here you can sell your crypto tax free if you held it for at least a year. So to celebrate that my first bag of crypto is now tax free, I sold half the ADA I bought back then – receiving ten times as much as I paid for the full amount back then. I know it's probably not the best time to sell ADA, but I have more, wanted to take a bit of profit to celebrate my "anniversary" and I bought more over the following months, so it's not like I sold half my ADA. It feels really nice to finally take profits after what feels much longer than a year 🙂 !

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