I've put this on everywhere I can think to ask and have asked koinly support. All they told me was I can pay for an audit by a pro but that only goes over the data I've put in. The main problem is what to do when you're in defi projects that don't keep tabs for you 🙁

Here was my question:

"I would be so very grateful if you would explain

  1. If we didn't manually calculate things, are we screwed ?

  2. Some defi ecosystems don't have a CSV file to download, which is what these tax softwares want from us to import. What do we do then?

  3. How are autocompunders treated? Is there a difference tax wise from a regular yield farm and an autocompounder?

  4. How do we calculate our gains from play to earn defi crypto games like defi kingdoms ???

  5. How do we find affordable CPAs in the states ?

  6. There's so many wallets and exchanges that aren't supported on tax software like Terra and AVAX on koinly. I know there's a way to manually do it but that goes back to the above questions because you need a CSV file you don't have to make it manually.

I'm frustrated and it feels like I've not found a good answer to these questions 😪

Thank you !!

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