I have about 15k USD in BTC. I was holding this in celsius for the past few months until I saw that I can get a higher yield on defi networks. I switched to avalanche network and staked WBTC on AAVE. Used it as collateral to borrow USDC and deposited it to yield yak. The deal is that borrow rates on AAVE for USDC are 10+% and earning rates on yield yak are 20-28%. All of this, when calculated, results in me not gaining that much over just keeping it in celsius due to all transaction fees, switching networks, being exposed to higher risks of defi platform etc.

What should I do to optimize or improve my earnings? Should I stick to avalanche network, should I change platforms? I would like to keep as much exposure to BTC as I plant to hodl it for a longer period of time. My plan is to swap earned USDC back in BTC.

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