Today, the CEO of The Morning Brew called $CT his ape of the week, then the dev added another 10eth of liquidity to the pool, a YouTube video was posted last night, and the community is going absolutely bananas. This is the most mysterious coin I've ever seen and honestly I've never seen a community rally together as strongly as this one has in the matter of a few days. Check out this first post from the dev's announcement channel and let me know what you think!

Crypto Twitter DAO

The most powerful crypto acronym. The one that represents where the heart of crypto communication and connections lies – crypto twitter.

$CT – the heart of crypto connection, conversation, and gains. And the place where all degenerate shitcoin gamblers, Boomer BTC Maxis, and fiat gremlins seek refuge.

CT is a DAO that requires special initiation to become a part of. It is a Citadel built for the true chads. What lies behind the gates needs to be earned. There will be no hand outs.

Everyone is able to trade our token like any other token, but not everyone will make it into the Citadel 👑

Those who do make it in will be highly rewarded. Will you make it past the gates?

CT is launching in a truly stealth fashion for a reason. You all know our dev very well 🤫 The secrets will reveal themselves in due time when we see that the community is deserving.

Some hints:

Paper hands are not allowed in the kingdom. There is too much fire, and they will get burned alive 🔥

At the core of a DAO lies a strong community full of good energy. If this is not you, you are ngmi. Zero chance of making it into the kingdom if you have bad energy and do not care about the collective.

We see everything.

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