There have been other posts here about $BP — check those for detailed breakdown on fundamentals —but I’m going to cut right to the chase on this one:

Beyond Protocol was recently targeted by an elaborate phishing effort, and 21,000 tokens were transferred OTC under false pretenses and immediately sold on Uniswap, causing a very large (-80%) price correction.

Now, the bottom was quickly snapped up, and recovered to around $12 after hitting a momentary low of around $6.

But for a token that launched at $10, reached an ATH of close to $80, and was holding steady at $30-$40 for over a month, $12 is a gift.

Obviously the mishap here was not ideal, but Beyond Protocol isn’t the first good project that’s been successfully attacked, and it won’t be the last. And this wasn’t a smart contract or tech exploit.

CEO Jon Manzi released a statement shortly thereafter, explaining and taking responsibility for what happened, and reaffirming project fundamentals and roadmap remain 100% the same. Was a relatively small amount of tokens, just hit price hard due to current liquidity being relatively low at the moment.

Most importantly, this is a buying opportunity. Project is full steam ahead, this was just a speedbump.

Others have covered the project fundamentals well, but to summarize, these guys are really going for it:

Basically, BP is an unhackable base layer for smart devices — phones, printers, drones, refrigerators, smart watches, etc. — basically anything that can connect to the internet. The co-founders originally started building this for the President of HP, as they needed an in-house solution for printer security. With that successful demo, they got to work building out the protocol more fully into what it is today.

The tech allows for all smart devices to communicate and transact financially with complete security. On Beyond Protocol, each device is identified by an unclonable “digital fingerprint” called a hardware signature. This is huge for the world of smart devices, because right now so many of them are walled off from communicating with one another due to inherent security concerns.

Beyond Protocol not only unbreakably secures device communications, but will allow any developer to build custom apps on their blockchain — the same way the Apple App Store and Google Play allow developers to build apps on smartphones — connecting any device to any device in ways only limited by the creativity of the dev.

Idea is great, and there’s a clear need in the IoT space for it. Team is also very well connected in business and politics, just Google a few of the names involved here. They’ve got some celebrity endorsers on hand as well, Steve Aoki is a big holder, and GRONK is on a 3 year contract as an official partner.

I’ve also been doing some snooping on Telegram, and I keep hearing they plan on a massive crypto-specific marketing blitz to end the year. Up until now they’ve been focused on traditional marketing avenues, and I’m told they know they need to hit the crypto scene hard, so I’m expecting some nice upward price movement over the next few weeks.

Check them out:

UPDATE: As I was writing this, I’m hearing Beyond Protocol was just featured on The Gronks livestream on YouTube (, apparently WWE star Mojo Rawley (a friend of the Gronkowski brothers) was on there pushing $BP and giving away “69” tokens a piece to the bros 😆

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