What is $AMC? 🎬

American Movie Crypto ($AMC) is a decentralized cryptocurrency platform aiming to tap into the streaming industry and metaverse offering movie enthusiasts and amateur filmmakers a platform to enjoy the silver screen on the blockchain!

American Movie Crypto plans to revolutionize the movie industry by creating a fully decentralized application that will allow amateur filmmakers to upload their content and get paid based on view count transcending international borders!

The 100 BNB private sale is currently ongoing NOW!

βš–οΈ Tokenomics

200,000,000 $AMC

πŸ’²2% Distribution Holders

πŸ’§5% to Liquidity pool


What About Security? πŸš”

Within the contract we have anti-bot measures in place to protect the community from toxic β€œpump and dump” style trading. The launch will go without any problems.

Future Plans πŸ—Ί

We are raising capital to complete the app for launch before Christmas! This year is a big year for cryptocurrency in general and we want to build a strong community going into next year, which will be even BIGGER!

– Telegram πŸ’¬ https://t.me/AmericanMovieCrypto

– Website 🌐 https://americanmoviecrypto.com/(Update Coming Soon)

– Twitter 🐣 https://twitter.com/AMC_BSC

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