The team is amazing! Just like everyone's favorite hero they've based their token on.

Incredible transparency, daily AMA's, and a strong and loyal community to boot! They are currently working on rebranding for only the best quality purposes, and are also in the process of creating an amazing NFT comic book, which we will all get to see real soon! Not to mention, a fighting-style video game is also in the works!

As mentioned in the title, a HUGE marketing push is coming this week with YouTube and Twitter influencers already on board. It was just launched about 5 days ago, and we already have 600+ community members/holders without any marketing. Imagine how fast that will grow when we begin to get those well-deserved shout-outs!

You might have missed $WOLVERINU, but you don't have to miss $SPIDEY. With just over 1M MC at the time of my writing this, it's still sooooo early. πŸš€

(But please don't take my word for it, always do your own research, and put your money only where you feel it is the safest.)

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