Defi Degen Land (DDL) <<

Contract address: 0x88803312628fd21542f706b0c7dc8495c1c10b2e

Rewards are automatically sent to your wallet. Track your rewards in the Metaverse or just add the BTC token (Binance Paged) address to your trust wallet or meta mask to track them and you're set.

10% of every buy and sell is taken and redistributed to all holders. Hold $DeFiDegenLand tokens, earn BTC. A Minimum of 900 tokens is required in order to receive rewards.

Defi Degen Land is a unique next generation Metaverse.

Huge marketing (Listed on poocoin Unvetted)

What is DeFi Degen Land?

  • Gamified DeFi

  • Harvest pending rewards in-game

  • Have ownership of your in-game items

  • Play for rewards

  • The goal is to make DeFi Awesome!

What is his use case?

DefiDegenLand (DDL) is the native currency of the metaverse.

It's use case consists: – Buying in-game goods/NFTs

  • Voting power for the future of the Metaverse

  • Earning rewards for holding


📱Telegram Messenger:


📺YouTube collection:

and in Russian

💱Pancake swap:



97% Burned from the start

1.5% Circulating supply

1% venture capital & partnerships funds

0.5% Team funds for future development (vesting for 5 years)

💸Tax Buy 15% / Sell 16% Tax (Slippage 17-23%):

10% Rewards

3% Marketing

2% Liquidity Pool

💸Punish fee 1% if you sell💸

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