🔴PolkaGO⚪️ – Unique, dual reward token with a custom crafted BSC contract.

Buy tax is programmed to give you PolkaDot rewards to hodlers, while the sell tax is programmed to give you PolkaGo rewards.

In the past, dual reward tokens were always gas intensive, and we have solved that problem by simply programming each single reward to either a buy or a sell.

This token will also charge 1% lottery buy and sell tax in order to distribute the big win to 1 lucky holder. With the volume that we are aiming to achieve, it can be a prize of 30-50k USD every single week. All you need to do to qualify is to a be a holder of PolkaGO coins, and to have a little luck on your side!


Enough about the token, what kind of marketing are you planning to do?

  • Instagram bloggers and models are going to soon bombard YOUR instagram story feed. We have a connection to a model agency with 200 models, who are not only very good looking, but are also crypto enthusiasts!
  • Heavily budgeted Poocoin ads ( 4-5k USD a day ) is bound to bring a lot of investors into the field
  • Coinmarketcap, coingecko listings and trending.
  • Bloomberg, Forbes and other news publishing websites will be done before the presale kicks in.
  • Various cool promotional videos, including drone 1080p videos
  • Twitter / youtube influencers, FOMOTION has already created a promo video for us. Many more influencers are soon to follow.
  • Dextools trending which we will be able to reach organically.
  • Audit is going to be done shortly before the presale starts with a reputable Auditing company.


All in all, this token is aimed at creating extremely high buying pressure as soon as it launches. Do join our telegram group in order to keep up with the latest updates.

Telegram: https://t.me/PolkaGoBSC

Website: https://polkago.net

Fomotion video: https://youtu.be/vzMQtP7FZ4I

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