MetaPepe is taking the Pepe concept – with its legion of fans and universal recognizability – into the next great meme framework: the metaverse! (naturally, completely take over the current meme market, if that even needed mentioning)

MetaPepeBSC, with its deflationary and automatic burn system was initiated by an international team of blockchain enthusiasts, dedicated to the PEPE concept and the power of the meme.

We're liberating the memecoin world from stale tired ideas that mean nothing, that bring no one together. We're taking Pepe back. We're taking him – and you – onto the neon streets of the cyber world.

First stop? The metaverse: the next evolution of connectivity, uniting us seamlessly in a chromed-out alternate reality of endless possibilities.

We are currently looking to enter the NFT Market and are in talks with various designers, once we choose a designer or a team of designers, production will start.



  • Total Supply: 10 Trillion Tokens | 10,000,000,000,000

  • Liquidity – Locked until 2023: 90%

  • Marketing, Liquidity Providers & Initial Burn: 10%



  • 4% Liquidity for stability

  • 3% Marketing to help fund the growth

  • 2% $MEPE returns

  • 1% Burn with every transaction



  • Complete stealth launch

  • Date: November 11th

  • Initial LP: 3.6 BNB


Anti Whale Measures

  • 6% Max Wallet Size

  • With increasing prices, average new wallet sizes will get smaller

  • Fees to incentivize holding



  • The MetaPepe team has 8 years of experience combined, we have full confidence in our contract and project, as soon as the marketing funds become available, we are committed to spending a portion of these funds on an audit from a respectable source


Be a legend, become a member of the MetaPepe Army!

  • He Who Controls the Memes Controls the Future




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