Ecco Inu will be launching in 30 minutes, 8pm EST. This is more than just your flamin' hot shitcoin. This is an altcoin with utility and a charitable aspect, the dev's plan to donate to helping dolphins all over the world. They will have buybacks, including 2% reflections and liquidity locked as soon as the token is launched. It's already being called in lots of big Telegram channels, and has been all over reddit the past few days. The launch is going to be crazy, and if you can get in early this is going to be serious money. Dev's are super based, creating dolphin awareness campaigns and even letting users choose dolphins to adopt. They seem like they got their shit together and have what it takes to make this blow, join the telegram for the info as soon as it launches.


Supply: 10,000,000,000,000 Ecco Inu Tokens


10% Sell fee, broken down:

2% Back to all holders (Reflections)

2% Goes back into the liquidity pool

1% Towards helping dolphins worldwide

4% Towards Development, Awareness Campaigns, Adoptions, Giveaways & Marketing



🌊Phase 1:

  • Release ERC20 Token.

  • Lock liquidity for 6 months.

  • Coordinated social media launch executed by an experienced team of professional marketers.

  • Sponsor our first dolphin as a community

  • Whitepaper v1 release.

  • Listing on Coingecko.

🌊Phase 2:

  • Listing on CMC.

  • Get trending on CMC & Dextools.

  • Buy Dextools ads & other big chart ads.

  • Strong marketing push on Youtube, Twitter, TikTok, Reddit, Telegram & more.

  • Community-based $ECCO groups for participating in shilling.

  • AMA & more

🌊Phase 3:


  • Multiple audits

  • Big contests to bring awareness to dolphin charities.

  • $ECCO Merch launch

🐬Launch 30mins




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