—== Welcome to MetaBoy ==—

❤️We help, we participate, we are Meta Boy the charity token!❤️

In MetaBoy we help the world with power of Binance.charity – charity donations. 3% of each transaction are sent directly to the charity wallet. To then be used for donations to various charity organizations such as "Save the Children".

Meta Boy was born by hype of Meta and Boy tokens lately in Binance Smart Chain. Our Team is made of experienced developers, designers and marketers. We provide greatly tested and verified contract, and marketing plan got high aims for our future.

Binance Charity has announced the world’s first crypto donation to UNICEF’s role in the global COVID-19 vaccine rollout—the largest vaccine procurement and supply operation ever undertaken. The $1 million crypto donation to UNICEF-Luxembourg will support UNICEF’s role as the key delivery partner for the COVAX Facility, which aims to ensure global equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines.

⚖️ =====TOKENOMICS===== ⚖️

– 14% Total Tax per transaction

* 3% liquidity

* 8% Marketing

* 3% Charity





Website 🌐: https://meta-boy.space/

Chart 📈: https://www.dextools.io/app/bsc/pair-explorer/0x50964f82829f00fc6b7ac6564b2ce44b5ccf5516

Telegram 💬: https://t.me/metaboytoken

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