Doge Unchained (DUC) is building a Dogecoin-backed DeFi ecosystem as the first ever token paired to wrapped-Doge. This will include dApps for farming, wallets, lending etc and will bring utility to Doge across multiple blockchains including BSC, ETH and SOL.

Doge Unchained has already built a first of its kind, decentralised exchange, the DogeDEX. Here, transactions are made through wrapped-Doge liquidity pools, therefore all transactions support Doge by design. Furthermore, this application is scalable to other assets in the future.

The Doge Unchained presale sold out in ten minutes due to the potential of the DogeDEX as the first of its kind in the space. Doge Unchained is now listed on CoinMarketCap, Coingeko and Feixiaohao. Today, Doge Unchained has been mentioned today by Soulja Boy and is trending on Poocoin.

The vision of the team is to provide utility and stability to Dogecoin like never seen before.

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