I recommended SAFEMOON on the the first day, Do not miss what I believe to be the next best project on BSC

What is POLYX you say?? Give me a minute and I will show you why this Project is set to be bigger than even Safemoon and Shiba Inu


POLYX Token (PXT) is a token that looks to become the most extensive yield farming token in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). PXT has a unique taxation system that rewards holders in Polygon $MATIC.

The unique thing about POLYX is that it dedicates a large percentage (7%) from each transaction to rewarding its holders. Holders of a minimum of 100,000 PXT will earn $MATIC for just holding. You will be earning while you sleep

Each PXT transaction also features a 15% tax with 4% each dedicated to supporting the Liquidity Pool and marketing the project. This ensures price growth is supported and POLYX get to every corner of the world.

Why should you be investing in POLYX? Good question again buddy!!

POLYX is designed not only to become the biggest Polygon (MATIC) rewards token on BSC, it will also aid in advancing decentralization technology by being the governance token on POLYXSWAP, a DEX platform with exchange/swap capabilities amidst other functionalities.

Simply, PolyX gives you passive rewards and has a massive utility planned


POLYXSWAP is committed to solving the transaction and liquidity issues of long-tail tokens while ensuring security and decentralization using DEX and at the same time providing users with a one-stop trading experience with POOLS, FARMS and LOTTERY included in the platform.

POLYXSWAP is also going to take PXT’s use-case to a new level as PXT will be the governance token on a DEX platform designed and expected to rival the biggest DEX platforms.

Now you are thinking, I want to make money, show me the money!!

Well take a look at this chart and tell me that isn't about to breakout big!


If there is a time to buy into a project with such massive potential, it is NOW!

Hold up! If you remember my Safemoon recommendation, you'd remember how much I think a good and active community can make or mar a project. Sincerely, since Safemoon, I haven't seen any other community that is as lively and supportive of each other like the POLYXARMY as they fondly refer to themselves.

Go ahead, check the Telegram group out and see what I am talking about!!


✅ 7% rewards in Polygon $MATIC for every HODLER

✅ 4% LP

✅ 4% Marketing

✅ PolyXSwap platform with Pools, Farms and lottery integration in development.

Website: https://polyxtoken.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/polyxtoken

Telegram: https://t.me/polyxtoken

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