$WNOW (WalletNow) is going to announce a massive partnership this Monday (November 15th). This is a great entry point.

WalletNow on the news:

Check the introduction video and DEMO ACCOUNT and you will quickly understand why this is going to be HUGE: https://walletnow.net

Zero buy/sell taxes. This is not a coin looking for “pump and dump”. It is a real-world utility token, with an incredibly low fixed supply of only 10M coins. People buy $WNOW because they really love the product and want to use the advanced features!

Docs: https://docs.walletnow.net

Telegram: https://t.me/WalletNow


  • BSC: 0x56aa0237244c67b9a854b4efe8479cca0b105289
  • FTM: 0xa9cad0165c155f3998b0001b3ef30bca0aa6b591
  • Polygon: 0x5d5530eb3147152fe78d5c4bfeede054c8d1442a

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