It seems like every so often, this thread could use a refresh in currently functional crypto faucets.

I think that posts addressing this don't appear as often as they should, however, they are floating around… I use a couple of the regular big names, from other posts awhile back, but maybe you guys could point me in the direction of new(er) faucets, or just ones I have not heard of…

If I get enough of a response, I will make a follow-up post, citing all of the faucets that actually work.

I use this list as a huge portion of the faucets I utilize:

[credit: u/ironfever]


Some of these may not work anymore, as it's been some time since I used every last one of these.

If you know of any others, help me to get a new list going so we can help promote those new to crypto into learning about it through a less stressful method of accumulation than trading..!

To the moon, fellow crypto enthusiasts! Good vibes and cheers!

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