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I've been researching for the best IGO Launchpads Platform for weeks now, I've made a list below with advantages and disadvantages and my Budge is 10k$.

I hope you can give me a recommendation?

Seedify : A couple of very good IGOs ​​like Blocktopia or Cryowar were concluded but the disadvantage it costs me more than 10k $ for 1K SFUND and the current price is about 9 $ per token.

Gamefi: Gamefi always had great IGOS at the start and u can join the Tier Rookie for only 20Gafi thats about 4000 $ 1Gafi is now worth of 200$ But the main disadvantage is that we can only pay 60$ Maximum for an IGO with the Rookie Tier.

Red Kite: Red Kite is based on Polka its seems very good and i can buy 5000 Hawk for guarenteed allocation for the IGOs. 1 PKF is now worth of 1.7$ so 8'600$ for get the Hawk Tier.

Paid Network : is to expensive for me, i need more then 75,000 Paid Tokens and thats about more then 38K$

Thank You for the Help!

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