• Certik Audit completed and paid for prior to launch
  • Certik Skynet purchased providing 24/7 security analysis for smart contracts
  • The crypto marketing specialists that provide a complete marketing solution for other coins which have successful and proven results that are tangible and measurable
  • Every MXS buy and sell will send 3% to a community wallet to pay those who participate in building the community. Rank of Samurai and up enjoy these rewards and also share in client revenue from other marketing projects which are put back into the coin. The allocation amounts differ depending on individual rank.
  • ALL coin holders will receive a 6% redistribution on every buy and sell. The more you hold, the more you earn.
  • Get your wallets out – this will be an epic launch
  • Visit the mxsamurai website for additional details and links to all MXS social media outlets

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