This is probably one of the most controversial projects in this space, also happens to be one of the oldest and most stable, which is rare in crypto. The prevalent false claim against Monero has proven unsuccessful and to not be based in reality.

People will frequently bring up, what do you have to hide? Surely you must be buying illegal stuff if you support Monero. To to those people I wanna ask, why don't you shower with the doors wide open? Surely if you want some privacy you must be up to something sinister.

Or how about leaving your car and house unlocked, otherwise why else would you be doing that, you're probably selling drugs or running a meth lab in there, no wonder you wanna lock everything. See how absolutely dumb that sounds?

Monero offers you privacy in arguably the most important part of our everyday lives, your finances. Not only does it do this, it has proven to be uncrackable, so your money is safe and in your hands alone. So don't listen to the fud, Monero will keep growing, because it's awesome and represents crypto.

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