I have been a pretty heavy drinker, smoker and recreational drug uses for a large majority of my life , I eat out for most my meals and I buy coffee every morning, I buy a lot of scratch tickets and make a trip to the Convenience store for snacks a few times a week, I practically live at the movies and sports events are a common occurrence; this is who I am….. or who I was

I have quit drinking , smoking and any and all drug use, I only allow myself to eat out or get takeout once a week now , I make coffee at home now, scratch tickets are a way of the past and I haven’t been to a sports event , concert or movies since covid started. My snacks are usually bought along with my groceries now and I’m rarely at the convenience store now that I’m not buying scratchers or smokes .

This has left me with a good amount of extra money even tho I haven’t made any extra income , most of this goes into weekly DCAs and a smaller amount goes into stocks and the bank .

If you don’t think you can afford to invest; look at your lifestyle and spending habits.

Best of luck young champions

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