Spooder Token Overview

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  • Dev Self-Dox
  • Stake SPOOD to earn SILK

Spooder Token is the original arachnid coin. No pre-marketing, no presale, just a direct listing to pancake swap. Liquidity supplied on Pancakeswap and is locked through Mudra for over one year. There are less than 105 holders and the market cap is about 30K! It is a small and new project, you have the chance to get in very early

The Spooder Token is intended to be a memecoin. It is an amateur crypto project, led by a single developer, used to learn certain facets of crypto development. SPOOD will grow with knowledge of the developer in the direction of the community.


Market cap: $31,000

Total Holders: 1012

Total Supply: 100,000,000

Initial Liquidity: 80,000,000

Liquidity Tax: 5% Buy tax sent to LP wallet, No Sell Tax

Decimation: 18

Anti-Manipulation Mechanics:

Wallets are limited to 10% of the total supply

Transactions are limited to 10% of the total supply


Telegram Group: https://t.me/SpooderTokenInfo

Website: https://spoodertoken.com/

Contract Address: 0xba51a671f55fddcfbb2b470a8619db528a8dc558

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