Jumped into the deeper end of investing and cryptos this year after I got my feet back on the ground. Was always wary of watching YouTubers for their input especially if it is someone with 'those' kinds of thumbnails. I saw someone on this subreddit recommended Coin Bureau, then Guy recommended a few channels including Benjamin Cowen and Digital asset news, and these three have been my go-to channels now.

Was watching his 'Bitcoin: powers of x2' this morning and in the last bit of it, he was talking about how he really likes the math when he dubiously speculates because his undergrad was in math, and his Ph.D. is in Nuclear engineering. He said it so casually and after months of watching this guy for shit and giggles, I never choked on my coffee. I never thought to look up his linkin page and yeah. You can google it yourself. Was a NASA undergraduate research assistant and taught NASA space camps during his undergrad. Cross-referenced this and yeah, we don't deserve this guy's free analysis.

This guy is always so mellow, realistic, and conservative. He could have easily come onto Youtube calling himself Dr.Crypto and yelling, "I studied for NASA so we're going to the moon bois!" But Nah, the dude's chill with a cardboard desk and just likes math enough so he got a Ph.D. in it and offers us free T.A., and if we want we can pay for more, but no pressure. Gotta respect this guy.

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