🟣 **What is Sombra Network?**Sombra is the first VFX studio & NFT Marketplace hybrid on blockchain. Award winning doxxed af VFX artists and business owners lead the charge as top level Metaverse creators and brand consultants. We work with Paypal, Beyonce, Adidas, Coca-cola, BMW, Mercedes, Maybelline, Gucci, Tom Ford, and more. The client list is endless.

We run on BSC for now with plans to expand to ETH and SOL soon. Pump kicked in last week and is on a roll.

🟣 **What do we do?**Sombra makes amazing NFT content and VFX work for blockchain and the world. We bring high design and VFX expertise to NFTs. We also make Metaverse avatars and products, like weapons, cars, physical upgrades, homes and locations, simulation powers and more.

Check out some of our work here 👉 Unreal Engine vfx reel / Juice / Sombra / Bonfire

🟣 **Avatars?! – Yes epic avatars are coming.**👉 Sombra Mocap 3D avatars 👈👉 More Avatars 👈Soon you can control your own cyber star avatar. Get ready to sing dance and cry with your new identity and become someone you always dreamed of.🟣 1st ever NFT buyback💎 10% of NFT sales = buyback to SMBR holders

Read our Dark Paper Here: https://www.sombra.app/dark_paper.pdf)🟣 Info☑️ Safest dev team on BSC – Doxxed beyond belief and well known in VFX world☑️ Bi-daily update youtube videos with dev team☑️ IMDB legends on team – man behind the Matrix and Spiderman is lead NFT artist!☑️ Epic Games connections☑️ Riot Games connections☑️ Bethesda Games connections☑️Thats No Moon Connections☑️ Incoming famous artists NFTs☑️ Global brand connections and active NFT projects☑️ CMC listed and still on recently added☑️ 50+ artists☑️ 300+ NFTsPartners☑️ Galeri AR App (app to view NFTs in custom gallery with friends!)☑️ Award winning VFX studios Bonfire and Juice☑️ TokenFrame☑️ Looking Glass Factory☑️ Little Wanderers NYC☑️ Partnership to End Addiction☑️ Major Ad agencies☑️ Large Scale Brand Deals in discussion☑️ Apeswap 🙈HashEx Audit🦺 HashEX is our audit company of choice and you can read out audit here: https://medium.com/hashex-blog/sombra-token-smart-contract-audit-report-76dd992fc84a

📣 MarketingBig marketing coming-CMC Trending- Crypto trending- DEX trending- Poocoin trending- adverts on all platforms- Influencer video drops- Avatar series- Amazing shill team-Twitter 40k followers- massive social media campaign- Celebrity NFT lines coming- Global Brand NFT creator and line dropping soon with PR- New Managing Director

Tokenomics📊 Total Supply: 100,000,000📊 Circulating Supply: 75,000,000🔥 Burn: 25,000,000 (one time – from 100 million)

🎨 NFT % = 10% to Holders💰 3% to holders from transactions💰 3% to LP from transactionsSocial and Contact📱Telegram: https://t.me/sombranetwork📱Twitter: https://twitter.com/SombraNetwork💻 Web: https://sombra.app🪧 Contract: 0x8ad8e9b85787ddd0d31b32ecf655e93bfc0747ef🔲 Darkpaper: https://www.sombra.app/dark_paper.pdf)🔵 CMC: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/sombra-network/

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