So here we are in the middle of the great 2021 bull run. Bitcoin is near ATH. Ethereum as well. There are many many projects emerging with ever increasingly niche functionality: blockchain insurance, blockchain gaming, cross-chain swap tokens, oracles…the list goes on.

This year we’ve had meme coins like Doge and Shiba absolutely take off under some vague guise of having actual utility.

But recently? The BSC casino has served up some meme coins that are meme coins to such a degree that they are openly self aware about it. Harrypotterobamasonic10inu (Pancakeswap BSC-network Safemoon clone) is one such example. Their marketing seems to be based entirely around stunts such as these:

North Korean defector Yeonmi Park shilling shitcoins:

300 tuktuks with Sonic making out with a dog on them:

Is this the future of crypto? Is this where we are headed? Due to their clever marketing many of these coins will moon (likely the example above included). B is this a net benefit for the crypto space as a whole? I’m unsure. Your thoughts?

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