Ryukyu Inu's team message :

"Live the RYUKYU INU experience ! Itโ€™s more than a movement. Itโ€™s a way of living. We are creating a brand new way to experience crypto. We are looking to unify the whole crypto community as one. We are not only a community, we are a FAMILY. We are also looking to be the pioneer of the mass adoption of crypto in the world by creating one of the most aggressive marketing campaign ever seen. Ryukyu Inu has put in place one of the biggest marketing wallet ever seen. Join us on our journey to the MOON and the upcoming RYUKYU INU FEST – Ryukyu Inu Team"


Ryukyu Inu is planning to unify the whole cryptocurrency by creating community events !

One of those will be the RYUKYU INU FEST ! Its a worldwide party to bring new people into crypto and to finally have the chances to meeting with the beautiful crypto community.

Tokenomics :

Most of the cryptocurrency out there promised you the moon but does not have the resources necessary to achieve it. Us, we make sure to have a HUGE marketing wallet to land safely on the moon with as many people as possible !

Holders Reward : 1 % We give back to YOU ! 1% of each transaction is sent as reflections to the holders !

Liquidity Pool : 1 % To ensure that our liquidity pool grows as much as our community, 1% of each transaction goes back to the liquidity pool.

Marketing Wallet : 8 % We want to reach as many people as possible before reaching the moon ! We also want everyone to EXPERIENCE what itโ€™s like to hold $RYUK.

FAQ : What about burning ? We will do regular manual burn. This way, we will profit the holders by buying back $RYUK tokens to burn them. It also prevents a high slippage tax.

Is there a team wallet ? No ! The team expenses will be covered by the marketing wallet. This way we wonโ€™t hurt the holders by selling any $RYUK tokens. Nobody will have tokens before the launch. We are doing a Fair Launch. We give the same opportunity to everyone !

So no Airdrop wallet ? For airdrops, we will buyback $RYUK tokens with our Marketing wallet. This will benefit holders.


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