I've done it again.

Nearly a week has passed and I can only just about talk about what happened.

I had held LTO at a loss for a few months, since 65c.

During the LRC pump I made a big mistake.

I sold my LTO at 30c to jump on LRC at 20x long leverage.

Lambo time I thought. Yeah right.

Literally within 10 minutes, LRC dropped from around $2.40 to $2.20 and I got liquidated.

Disaster, a sense of impending doom washed over me and I threw up.

24 hours later I check the charts to see LRC pumping again. When it hits $4 it will represent a $90k profit. Would've, I mean.

I'm such a stupid dreamer. Wishing for a get rich quick moment.

I have more stories like this, BNB for DOGE as well. I just never learn. My brain won't resist FOMO or YOLO.

Seriously, if it's down, just hold it.

Don't be like me.

Thanks for your time reading, hopefully it will help somebody.

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