🔸Bonus APY: Hold EQX Tokens to earn up to 25% APY and passive returns.

🔸Liquidity Mining: Stake tokens in liquidity pools for interest based on length of time staked.

🔸Community-based Governance: EQX holders can vote for new features.

🔸Higher LTVs: Hold EQX for better LTV based on how much EQX you hold.

🔸Early Adopter Bonus: Be one of the first 10,000 users & get rewards for joining.

🔸Staking Bonus Stake EQX for preferential bonuses

🔸Higher Limits: Hold EQX & enjoy higher limits on DeFi products.

🔸Priority Bank Accounts: EQX holders have priority access to EQIBank bank accounts.

🔸Reduced Fees: Hold EQX for reduced fees.


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