Coinscope is the leading early coin listing and voting website. Its mission is to make crypto discoverable and efficient globally. It provides all the essential tools to assist users to draw their own conclusions.

The team consists of 15 experienced members who are based in various places around the world varying from UK, Greece, Spain and more. They are a rapidly growing platform with 30,000 daily and 500.000 registered users. With a legacy of 57 Audits they are launching a public presale of 400/800 BNB at Dxsale on 18 November!

The team is planning exciting announcements that are going to take place over the following days!

🔥 Giveaways 🔥

🔥 Rewards 🔥

🔥 Contests 🔥

You can find more details in their token page here:

$Coinscope Token:

✔️ Coinscope holders will get benefits and discounts from our services.

✔️ 3% Auto generating Liquidity protocol, earn while holding.

✔️ 3% Marketing & Dev fee to ensure top quality features and promotions.

✔️ 2% Burn on Each transaction creating a deflationary mechanism.

✔️ Presale on 18 November at Dxsale.

✔️ 100% of Liquidity locked for 2 years.

Coinscope Unique Features:

✔️ Rewards, users can participate in contests and earn free tokens.

✔️ NFT marketplace, Coinsope contains a unique collection of masterpieces created by artists around the globe.

✔️ Audits, Coinscope is leading as a blockchain protocol audit authority.

✔️ Price Charts, real-time price charts and useful indicators.

✔️ Portfolio, Watch the profits, losses and portfolio valuation with its easy to use platform.

✔️ Blog, covering cryptocurrency news, crypto trading, investment and crypto information.

✔️ Newsletter, Be the first to know about the next potential coins.



Token page:

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