Chibi Neko🐱 Greatest cat token on the blockchain!

Chibi Neko🐱

You missed out on Shiba Inu? Well don’t worry Chibi Neko🐱 Will come to the blockchain soon! The greatest cat token on the blockchain.

At this point we are preparing our new website. Which i believe will be one of the best looking websites U have seen. We are here to go BIG! When our new website is ready we will start our BIG marketing campaign with lots of influencers and big names in crypto.

When U see this message it means that U are very early! We are heating up the crowd. We will soon start or pre-sale which means U can buy tokens at a cheap fixed price!

Things to come

– Staking

– Nfts

– Play 2 earn game

– Influencers/ambassadors

Yes, you heard it right a play 2 earn game. We at this moment recruiting game developers for our play 2 earn game that will be called “Chibicity”. The nfts will play a big role in the game. We will bring info later on this later on as we are preparing our white paper.

To keep you updated please join our telegram channel!

Website: (

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