is focused on Decentralized Lucky Gaming on which 40% of the profits are Distributed to the token holders and 10% to the owners of the 5 unique NFTs.

$CASHIO has the best Tokenomics that exist on the Binance Smart Chain with real use-case.

On every Buy there is a 13% Fee: 4% Liquidity, 3% Token Reflections, 1% Jackpot Wallet, 5% Development/Marekting/Team

On every Sell there is a 16% Fee: 7% BNB distribution, 6% Buy-Back System, 3% Liquidity

BNB Distribution System is triggered every 12 hours and the BNB are claimed manually from the Cashio Earnings Dashboard.

Buy-Back System buys 7% of sells bigger than 0.05% of total supply.

NO Team/Marketing Tokens at Launch


βœ”οΈ Website 19/07

βœ”οΈSmart Contract 29/08

βœ”οΈSolidproof Audit 15/09

βœ”οΈKYC with 18/10

βœ”οΈWhitepaperV2 31/10

βœ”οΈPre-Sale on Pinksale 01/11

βœ”οΈ Beta Platform and Working Dashboard 04/11

πŸ’¬ Find us at

πŸ‘‰ Telegram

πŸ‘‰ Announcement Channel

πŸ‘‰ Twitter

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