I recently found a very promising new project called Bright Union. Token ticker: BRIGHT

Only listed on Uniswap and MEXC so far.

Why i believe this coin has massive potential for adoption in the next few years and the token could pull a 100x or even more:

  • The DeFi insurance market is a fast growing industry (NexusMutual marketcap grew over $1B. InsurAce have doubled their revenue every 2 months.)

  • Bright Union has a top team of experts, from Amsterdam

  • Working product (not just a pilot) and the project is already generating revenue

  • First Mover, THE number 1 aggregator for insurance in the DeFi space

  • Possibility to partner with traditional insurance companies in the future

  • Strong connections to industry experts and other big crypto projects like Radix (rumors that they are going to partner or perhaps even migrate to Radix in 2022)

  • Team is present on several big blockchain events regularly

  • Top design / branding

  • Killer usecase coming in the next few weeks: First ever universal protocol (API) to enable the easy integration of major insurance solutions like InsurAce or NexusMutual on any web 3.0 platform with just a few lines of code (think about the adoption effect)

  • Team is constantly improving the token utility: Cashbacks and other bonuses for Holders and Stakers of BRIGHT, with different tier levels

  • 2 mil marketcap – Thats right. 2 freakin million! Perhaps the biggest crypto insurance coin (with potential to reach the Top 100) is valued at a 2 million mcap at the moment.

I am shilling this coin to you at the bottom. Just look at the chart. I won't shill it after it has already pulled a 50x like Kadena recently.

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