Algorand happens to be one of my favorite crypto altcoin and I happen to know quite a bit about it 'cuz why would you not DYOR to the coin you're HODLING, right?
I love reading things here, a lot, until people start flooding posts for sh*t coins. Everyone is talking about profits, gains and lambos. I mean, yea, that's part of the things you'd like to have since you're investing. However, people missed the point of why cryptocurrency is built by Satoshi and improved by the likes of Vitalik and Charles and other people that I don't know of but still thankful to them.

I'm on my twenties and it's hard sharing or even talking crypto to my friends and relatives man. People straight-ahead think that it's a scam. Why? Because they don't understand its technology and its benefits.
And why do they don't understand it? 'Cuz a lot of people is only talking about PROFIT. Wen ROI. That's it.
I'm just being honest here. Especially on YT and FB, that's all they do to gain followers and worst, even scammed them and leave them hanging. Like, if we want people to trust us and get us to mainstream, we need to talk about crypto's technology and how will it help the world.
So, I decided to kick off my blogging journey to spread out the word on why cryptocurrency exist and I'm starting with Algorand.

As this is my first crypto blog, your feedbacks matter and a clap and a click on the "Follow" options would be big help not just for me but to the people who also believe that CRYPTO will thrive into the future.

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