Algorand's first governance period opened for votes on October 31st and voting Measure #1 has officially closed. In the end, of the 1.9 Billion ALGO staked, 1.9 Billion ended up voting, and of the 52.2K governors participating, 52.2K have voted. It seems like some whales were procrastinators, as 5 days ago 48.2K had voted which was only 1 Billion ALGO, which only 53% of the final amount of ALGO voted in the end.

It also seems like the final-day whales have pushed the Measure in the other direction. Last week, Choice B was winning with 63% of the vote, but in the end, option A won with 54.16% of the vote, leaving choice B with 45.84%. I'm sure many on this subreddit will be quite surprised with the result, as Choice B, which would include higher rewards and slashing, looked like it was far ahead enough to push through.

Starting today, there is a cooldown for Algorand governance, and we will soon hear what's next. It was a great experience to participate in this governance period, and I'm sure we're all excited to see what the extra earnings are for participating. What kind of APY % do you think we'll see for this period?

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