RICI ELON (Rici.io) is one of the few projects in the fourth quarter of 2021 of the Memecoin trend that integrates most of today’s most advanced and cutting-edge features based on the blockchain technology.

⚡️14:30 UTC on November 14th, 2021, RICI token will officially get listed on PancakeSwap on the Binance Smart Chain.⚡️

⚡️Official Smart Contract: 0x96a938d3a91e864cc9f342b8b5cfce06d0bc8cea

👉 Metaverse

The SafeMEME version 2 will integrate some initial features of Metaverse: AR and VR. Imagine seeing the NFT cats you have collected so far sitting in front of you, waiting to fight with your friends' NFT cats! (Sound a bit like… Yes! – Pokemon GO)

👉 Meme Coin

RICI is a part of the fun and impactful Meme Revolution. Built to make investing more interesting while giving monumental gains for their fans, Meme coin is no longer a short Trend but rather a Revolution. Most popular Memecoins are building products to retain their large userbase.

👉 Hyper-deflation

RICI has a powerful hyper-deflationary mechanism: transaction tax of 10% which rewards holders and discourage short-term traders.

👉 GameFi

SafeMEME is the first meme token with a NFT game where your NFT value is designed to INCREASE exponentially EVERY SINGLE DAY.

👉 Burn Mechanism

Burning 99.9% of the initial supply is just a good start. More burning is coming soon!

Read more: https://medium.com/@RiciELON/community-review-rici-elon-the-golden-cat-of-the-memecoin-industry-d07a8038a13d

Airdrop: https://t.me/ricieloncommunity/5

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