Doge coin 6% rewards for holding and 2% max wallets. Project aimed at growth to come as we gain more long term holders, no pump and dump business here. Releasing Pre-Order of products and Clothing to gauge demand. Shipping is 3-4 weeks and you can hold your first crypto supported hemp products for your dog's special needs or your own! Sensitive care systems for development and clear testing for all products made in Canada. Quality takes time, and with all the growth in the market….it's literally only a matter of time!

Join the community telegram and learn more about us and GROW!

2 BNB Locked Liquidity]🤑

3% Liquidity

6% Redistribution DOGE]🤑

5% Charity/Marketing

Solid Road map and great community!

TikTok ads and reddit trending few times a week we are getting great exposure. Steady advertising to spark the correct interest in the project, and unique basis. Slow gains and up and down charts mean there is definite interest and we will gain traction by organic people. Telegram is growing each day, and more website upgrades coming down the pipe. Community and Products with Apparel and trademark branding and no chance of COPY CATS! The target of this project will be imminent as we already were botted in the last room. Telegram shield up and great community inside. Join us and see the bigger picture

🏦Tokenomics Setup🏦

6% Redistribution Doge coin 3% Liquidity 5%charity 2% Max wallet

Supply 1,000,000,000

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